towards a Standard costing metric for urban sanitation

Total Annualised Cost per Household (TACH)/ Total Annualised Cost per Capita (TACC)

The CACTUS approach to costing is based on the observation that the urban sanitation sub-sector lacks two important tools to aid decision makers

-  a standardised metric for assessing the costs of sanitation delivery using different approaches

-  a data base of real costs which could be used to generate globally-usable benchmarks

CACTUS aims to address these two gaps by developing a standard metric for reporting on costs of service delivery using urban sanitation and the presentation of benchmark costs data for a range of sanitation delivery options. 

CACTUS is designed to enable the generation of cost estimates for the entire sanitation value chain, as if a single utility were providing services.  It also includes both "Make" or internal costs and "Buy" or external costs.  It does not include transfers, subsidies or fee payments which transfer funds from one step on the value chain to the next.   

CACTUS Benchmark costs and standardised costing metrics Urban Sanitation 2

Cost Categories

Costing Framework