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We are a team of researchers at Leeds University led by Prof. Barbara Evans

Prof Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans

Research leader

Areas of expertise: sanitation; water supply; public health; international development; political economy; international targets and monitoring faecal sludge management; economics and costing


Sally Cawood

Research fellow, Welfare effect in urban sanitation and Cost field researcher

Sally's main research interests include: inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); community-led urban development; collective action (e.g. CBOs, cooperatives and urban social movements); gender and WASH; climate change impacts and adaptations in low-income settlements


Tristano Sainati

Research fellow, Project management approach in sanitation costing and Database management

Tristano's research is focused on contracting and project management in the field of project financing, the research was cross-sectorial but focused prevalently on energy, oil & gas, and nuclear.


Andy Sleigh

Leader, Database management and visualisation

Areas of expertise: computational fluid dynamics cfd; river flow; flood modelling; environmental risk analysis


Miller Alonso Camargo Valero

Adviser and Co-investigator in waste water treatment and climate impact

Areas of expertise: wastewater treatment systems; the recovery of resources from human and animal excreta, wastewater and sewage sludge; and associated environmental impacts

Giorgio Locatelli

Giorgio Locatelli

Adviser and Co-investigator in project management

Areas of expertise: project management; infrastructure economics & financing; complex and large projects, cost estimation, cost-benefit analysis


Fiona Zakaria

Research fellow, Costing and climate impact and field researcher

Fiona's research has been in emergency sanitation and has working experiences as water-sanitation engineer in various humanitarian agencies includes International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC) and United Nations Children[s Funds (UNICEF) in Indonesia and Sudan

Ruthie Rosenberg - Future Initiatives

Ruthie Rosenberg

Cost Data contributor

Ruthie leads Citywise advisory services at Sanergy. Her areas of expertise include sanitation, public health, product and service design, sales and marketing strategy, and business model development. She has worked in sanitation provision, water service delivery, health education, and behavior change communication in Dominican Republic, Peru and Kenya, and has supported this work in Ghana and India.


Valentina Sleigh Muñoz

Database structure, programing and visualisation 

Engineering Mathematics student


Anna Sevillano Evans

Database structure, management and website design

Multimedia student


Guillermo Domínguez Peláez

Literature search for cost data in spanish speaking countries

Civil Engineering student